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Learn about Te Teo Herenga Waka

An overview of key responsibilities to our community and providers for our Bay of Plenty health needs.

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What we do

Our planning and funding decisions balance the goal of improving the health of the whole population in our district with managing the ongoing service needs of the community.

We have to be smart with our funding and put money into areas where we can do the most good.

The Minister of Health asks us to deliver value for money, to reduce inequalities and manage chronic disease.

The Planning and Funding team, known as Te Teo Herenga Waka, is responsible to the chief executive officer for planning and funding health and disability services across the Bay of Plenty and determining how best to invest the funding we receive from Government to meet the health needs of our population.

The core responsibilities of the Planning and Funding Division are:

  • assessing our population's health needs;
  • determining the best mix and range of services to be purchased;
  • building partnerships with service providers, Government agencies and other district agencies;
  • Engaging with our stakeholders and community;
  • Leading the development of new service plans and strategies in health priority areas;
  • prioritising and implementing national health and disability policies and strategies in relation to local need;
  • undertaking and managing contractual agreements with service providers; and
  • monitoring, auditing and evaluating service delivery.

Through our Planning and Funding Division, we enter into service agreements or arrangements with the organisations or individuals who can best provide the health and disability services required to meet the needs of our population, achieve our objectives and enhance efficiencies across the whole of the health system.

Our Annual Plan explains what actions we will take in the coming year.

A year in the life - 2020

BOPDHB A Year in the Life 2020

Our primary health organisations (PHOs)

Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) are funded by organisations such as Te Whatu Ora - Health NZ Hauora a Toi Bay of Plenty to support the provision of essential primary health care services through general practices to those people who are enrolled with the PHO.

In addition to general practices, the PHOs provide healthcare services to their regions through Māori and mainstream primary healthcare providers.

In our region there are three PHOs, namely Western Bay PHO, Nga Mataapuna Oranga PHO (Kaupapa Maori PHO) and the Eastern Bay Primary Health Alliance.