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Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery is a specialty of surgery in which diseases of the vascular system, or arteries and veins, (excluding the heart) are managed by medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction.

Vascular disorders include blockages and narrowing of the blood vessels, abnormal swellings of the vessels (aneurysm) or vessel malfunctions. Vascular disorders often involve other body systems ,and your treatment may therefore require the combined efforts of other medical specialists such as radiologists and general physicians.

Patient expectations

Your GP or other referrer will request an appointment in the outpatient clinic if your problem is not acute, they are concerned about your condition, and they feel that you require a specialist opinion.

One of our specialists will review the referral letter and assess priority.

Urgent cases will be seen within a few weeks, but other non-urgent cases will have a maximum wait time of four months.

The specialist may organise an investigation/tests rather than arranging a clinic appointment so that further information can be obtained about your condition. This may either result in an appointment or a letter to your GP/referrer with recommendations about your condition.