Spring Boot Camp Tauranga

Spring Boot Camp Tauranga

Join a team of like-minded recruits led by our qualified instructor who will encourage and support you to achieve results you never thought possible.

It’s a completely different approach to your typical personal training and gym workouts. It’s called ‘Team Training’, the gym equivalent of team sports because it’s all about camaraderie, support and inspiration.

SWEAT BOOTCAMP is a program that will challenge you and commit you to making a change.

The facts:
  • 8 weeks duration
  • Start date – Monday 23 August
  • Finish date – Friday 15 October
  • 3 Days per week – Monday / Wednesday / Friday
  • Start time – 0600hrs (45 minutes)
  • Maximum of 20 recruits
  • Caters to beginners up to advanced fitness levels
  • Men and Women
  • Cost – $175

How to register

SWEAT - Spring Boot Camp (Registration Form)

If you have any questions please email Staff.Wellness@bopdhb.govt.nz

Spread the word!

If your staff notice board is looking lonely... and you think your team need a challenge... please feel free to use this poster or simply share this page to your colleagues.

SWEAT - Spring Boot Camp (Poster)