SWEAT programmes and services

SWEAT programmes and services

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Group fitness

Our primary objective as Group Fitness instructors is to provide every member and guest with a fantastic group fitness experience.

There is no additional cost and all of our classes are run by qualified and experienced instructors.

Classes cater towards a vast spectrum of fitness levels and abilities for our members, from the new group fitness participant through to the advanced athlete. Low entry level classes allow the newest participant to feel completely at ease with the environment and experience, whilst being able to reap the rewards of exercising in a group.

For our advanced participants, we have classes that will push your fitness levels to the maximum, allowing you to get fit, stay fit and get fitter… Group fitness does more than build muscle! It builds relationships, provides energetic experiences and creates a dynamic culture within the centre - it is the heart and soul of our training environment… the place where dreams are achieved.

Personal training

How will Personal Training benefit you?

Working with a Personal Trainer will benefit you by offering the following:

  • Results - Personal Trainers are educated to ensure you get results, so they can make the most of your time in the gym.
  • Variety - They will keep your training interesting with different exercises and techniques to keep you on track.
  • Structure - Meeting your Personal Trainer for appointments will ensure you get regular exercise.
  • Motivation - Progress means results, and results mean motivation to strive for that next level of fitness!
  • Progression - As your fitness improves, your Personal Trainer will always modify your exercise to ensure maximum enjoyment and maximum results!
Your Personal Trainer is a partner whose goal is to help you achieve your goals.

You don't have to be rich or famous to reap the benefits of hiring a personal trainer. More and more members, novice and veteran exercisers, are working with our personal trainers, because we offer a practical and affordable means of getting and staying healthy.

We at sweat realise that every person is unique, and you'll soon find greater success when doing workouts that suit your personal requirements. We offer affordable solutions to help you look and feel your best with tools that last a lifetime.

Our available options

With one-on-one Personal Training, you will be motivated through specific exercises to help you reach your goals effectively and in the shortest time possible. Rates can be negotiated with your Personal Trainer and are dependant on your individual requirement

If you really want results, but would prefer to train with a friend, then this is the perfect solution for you. Buddy up with another member and split the cost, while still receiving individual guidance from your own personal trainer.

Join a group of 3-5 individuals with similar fitness levels and goals as you. This affordable option provides peer support and friendship while being coached by one of our personal fitness experts. They'll help you focus on the basics like strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness while coaching you through exercises that challenge your abilities.