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Physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy provides services to help people develop, maintain, restore and optimise their health and function throughout their lifespan.

Our physiotherapy team provide services to people compromised by ageing, injury, disease or environmental factors.

Physiotherapy identifies and maximises quality of life and movement potential by using the principles of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. This includes physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being.

Physiotherapists are registered health practitioners who are educated to practise autonomously by applying scientific knowledge and clinical reasoning to assess, diagnose and manage human function.

The practice of physiotherapy is not confined to clinical practice, and encompasses all roles that a physiotherapist may assume such as patient/client care, health management, research, policy making, educating and consulting, wherever there may be an issue of public health and safety.

Inpatient services

Our physiotherapists work with inpatients who are referred for physiotherapy by nursing or medical staff. These patients will be assessed and treated on the hospital ward.

Outpatient services

Our physiotherapists work with patients who are able to attend hospital for treatment. A referral from your GP or other health professional may be required to access these services.

Community physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists visit clients in their homes throughout the district and provide equipment, exercise and treatment as required.

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