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Social work services

A social worker helps people make decisions when they have problems with ill-health, injury, disability or stress.

This free service for New Zealand residents may include:

  • helping you decide what services or other support you may need
  • advising on eligibility and funding assistance to obtain those services
  • help organising services into a flexible care package
  • provide you and your family with a supportive, understanding and confidential relationship for you to discuss any personal matters that may concern you.
How our social workers can help
  • Counseling and support for personal, family, adjustment, loss and other health-related issues
  • Planning for coming home from hospital
  • Information on health and community services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Referral to other support agencies
  • Privately funded convalescent care
  • Transport for people with health problems
  • Legal services
  • Home help
  • Funding for gardening assistance/meal preparation/medical expenses
  • Private nursing
  • Additional financial services including access and advocacy for Work & Income NZ assistance

The social worker who is helping you will make every effort to ensure:

  • that your confidentiality is respected and your right to privacy is protected
  • that the service you receive will be sensitive and appropriate to your personal and cultural beliefs and values
  • that you receive all the information you require to make informed decisions on your care needs
  • that, to the greatest extent possible, you will be consulted and involved in all decision-making that affects you
  • that your needs will be given a high priority and that you will receive the highest standard of service that the social worker can provide
  • That social work files are confidential and kept securely within the department. If you wish to have access to your personal information, please discuss this with your social worker.