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Ngā ratonga

Ngā ratonga

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Hospital and community based services

We provide a range of hospital and community based services from the Tauranga Hospital and Te Whatumauri Hauora (Whakatāne Hospital) campuses. Services are delivered by qualified clinical and non-clinical staff who have strong knowledge in Te Reo and Tikanga Māori – Māori language, custom and protocols.

Te Whānau o Irakewa, Whakatāne Hospital
  • Kaupapa Māori Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner
  • Pou Kōkiri – a liaison and advocacy service for patients and their family/whanau
  • Te Takapu o Hineahuone Whare – emergency accommodation for family/whanau
Tauranga Hospital
  • Kaupapa ward 2A
  • Kaupapa Māori nurses based in 4A: Children's ward & mental health inpatient ward
  • Te Whare Maiangiangi (inpatient mental services): Pou Kōkiri, whānau advisor & Kaupapa nurses
  • Outpatient clinic services based in Silver Birch House including paediatrics, gynaecology, medicine and diabetes
  • Kaupapa community nursing service
  • Kaupapa social work service
  • Mental health and addiction assessments within courts of the Department of Justice
  • Te Whare Whānau Whakataa - emergency accommodation for family/whānau.

Pou Kōkiri

Pou Kōkiri are the front line of Māori Health Gains & Development staff that provide hospital and community based services from Tauranga Hospital and Te Whatumauri Hauora.

Pou Kōkiri translates as 'the pillar of strength, the pillar of support, the pillar of responsibility that carries the work, the pillar that advances issues and matters'.  The strength of Pou Kōkiri is their fluency in Te Reo me ona Tikanga – Māori language, custom and practice.  The service advocates the cultural needs of urihaumate and their whānau, supporting an approach that integrates cultural care and clinical care delivery, under the Māori health framework of He Pou Oranga Tāngata Whenua.

Services are provided within:

  • Emergency Departments
  • Intensive Care Unit/Coronary Care Unit
  • Medical Ward
  • Surgical Ward
  • Rehabilitation
  • Outpatients Department
  • Mental Health Inpatient Wards: Te Toki Maurere & Te Wharemaiangiangi
  • Voyagers
  • Community Mental Health Services – Te Koinga Whaturei
  • Community Child & Youth Health Services
  • Child Development Services
  • Community Oral Health

For any queries relating to Pou Kōkiri services in Whakatāne, phone ext. 4640. In Tauranga phone ext. 8560.

Emergency whānau accommodation

In Tauranga, there are two whānau units, Te Whare Whānau Whakatā,  that are available for emergency accommodation for whānau with patients in the wards. Each unit consists of two small bedrooms, kitchen, bath/shower and living room.

Accommodation is for short stays only and is accessed via the social work service on ext. 8560.

In Whakatāne, Te Takapū ō Hineahuone Community House is accessed via Pou Kōkiri staff on ext. 4640. This is a four-bedroom house, which is furnished and equipped for temporary accommodation.