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What have I done?

  • You have developed plantar fasciitis - a common condition caused by inflammation around the heel of the foot, and usually does not require surgery
  • This is often caused by increased activity, being overweight, or tightness in the calf muscles

What should I expect?

  • Pain is the most common symptom and is often worse when first getting out of bed or at the end of the day following prolonged standing
  • It is common to develop symptoms in the other foot

What should I do?

  • First line treatment for this condition includes simple pain relief (e.g. paracetamol and ibuprofen) and stretching your calf muscles
  • You should consider booking in to see a physiotherapist as they can help with stretching and exercises, and they may also suggest you look into orthotic soles for your shoes
  • Keep walking - exercise is good for you! You should, however, avoid high impact activity such as running

What should I not do?

  • There are no specific limitations on what you can and cannot do

Will I be followed up?

  • No. Most of these injuries settle with time and pain relief, and do not require you to return to hospital

What if I have concerns/questions?

  • If your injury is not settling or you have other concerns, you should see your GP or physio first - take your ACC form/number with you