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Pressure injury prevention and management

What are pressure injuries?

Pressure injuries (sometimes called bedsores or pressure ulcers) are a preventable cause of harm affecting people of all ages receiving care in hospital, residential care and in the community.

Pressure injuries usually develop over 'bony' parts of the body due to sustained pressure, or pressure combined with shear and/or friction. Most pressure injuries can be prevented through early identification and subsequent management.

Key actions can reduce the risk and impact of pressure injuries. The SSKIN care bundle provides a useful approach to the prevention or management of pressure injuries. It includes:

  • Surface - ensure your body has the right support, for example the right mattress and cushions.
  • Skin Inspection - check your skin for changes such as colour changes, pain, blisters or swelling in areas where your body is at risk.
  • Keep Moving - change your position often. Do not sit or lay in one position for too long. Even a small movement like crossing and uncrossing your knees can help.
  • Incontinence - this may increase your risk of a pressure injury. Keep yourself clean and dry. Talk to your nurse if you need help or advise about incontinence.
  • Nutrition and Hydration - eat a balanced, healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids.

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