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My Health Passport

A booklet to help communication with you and health workers to better understand your needs.

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About 'My Health Passport'

It can be hard to let health workers know what you need - especially if you have complex needs for a disability or long-term condition.

'My Health Passport' is a booklet you can carry when visiting health and disability services. It tells people how you want them to communicate with you and support you.

The Passport does not help doctors diagnose or monitor patients. It is not a substitute for a patient’s medical records.

How to get 'My Health Passport'

You can get 'My Health Passport' as an A4 or A5 booklet, or a brochure folded into three (called a 'tri-fold').

You can also download a guide booklet with word definitions and tips for completing the Passport.

All of these documents can be downloaded in Word or PDF formats.

Get My Health Passport here

You can also contact the Health and Disability Commissioner, who can send you the documents for free.