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Te Toi Ahorangi 2030

Our Toi Ora Strategy to protect our Bay of Plenty whānau and whakapapa.

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Toi Ora Strategy

In preserving our knowledge systems, we preserve life - our environment and protect our future. This is Toi Ora.

Te Toi Ahorangi is the Toi Ora Strategy determined by Te Rūnanga Hauora o Te Moana a Toi, the mandated Te Tiriti o Waitangi partner of Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand Hauora a Toi Bay of Plenty.

Te Toi Ahorangi - Te Rautaki a Toi Ora 2030 - Te Reo [PDF, 3MB]

Te Toi Ahorangi - Te Rautaki a Toi Ora 2030 - English [PDF, 3MB]

Inspired, driven and led by tangata whenua, Te Toi Ahorangi affirms our unified vision, voice and intention to drive toward a whole-of-system transformation to Toi Ora that will improve the wellbeing of the 68,943 Māori who live in Te Moana a Toi.

Kōhanga Reo
Te Reo

Vision and our Pou Ora

Toi Ora, flourishing descendants of Toi is our vision.

Te Toi Ahorangi 2030 aligns with He Korowai Oranga, the national Māori Health Strategy that envisions 'Pae Ora – healthy Māori futures', and is inclusive of the three key interconnected elements: Mauri Ora (flourishing tangata), Whānau Ora (flourishing whānau) and Wai Ora (flourishing taiao).

Mauri Ora
Whānau Ora
Hapū Ora
Iwi Ora
Wai Ora

In accordance with a tangata whenua worldview, the concepts of Hapū Ora (flourishing hapū) and Iwi Ora (flourishing iwi) are added to He Korowai Oranga strategic framework in order to better align with what Toi Ora means for our iwi in Te Moana a Toi.

We acknowledge that whānau, hapū and iwi must lead, determine and guide pathways to Toi Ora to influence change where it matters most for our people.

Our Pou Ora

Toi Tū te Kupu; Toi Tū te Mana; Toi Tū te Ora is our mission.

They are our Pou Ora, our change principles that affirm our intent and determination towards Toi Ora. As an approach, Toi Tū asserts that we must stand first as descendants of Toi so that we may flourish. The mission on board Te Waka o Toi is focused on upholding our knowledge systems, so that we may preserve life, our environment and protect our future.

Toi Tū te Kupu; Toi Tū te Mana; Toi Tū te Ora – our Pou Ora, are embodied within the three key Pou of Te Waka o Toi.

Toi Tū te Kupu | Uphold our Word – affirms that we will uphold our word and aspirations as iwi and the Crown through an authentic Te Tiriti o Waitangi partnership.

Toi Tū te Mana | Uphold our Power – affirms He Pou Oranga, the sources of mana that lead to Toi Ora. Tangata whenua self-determination, aspirations and worldview will be valued and invested in across Te Moana a Toi.

Toi Tū te Ora | Uphold our Vision – guides our direction towards Toi Ora. Toi Ora drives a whole of system approach that enables flourishing from preconception throughout the life course.

Te Waka o Toi

The main mast of the waka represents Toi Tū te Kupu. This pou connects us to the spirit world and our ancestors who have gone before us. The Poutāhu signifies the importance of being deliberate in our intent to uphold the legacies of our tūpuna and to restore the balance of power with the Crown.


The middle mast is the heart of our waka, it is where our mauri and mana are located. Toi Tū te Mana resides here as it affirms our sources of mana.


The steering paddle of the waka holds the wisdom of our celestial and ancestral knowledge. The Pouurungi is controlled by our Toi Ora navigator, who alongside our leadership hold the vision to sustain flourishing descendants of Toi and all peoples living in Te Moana a Toi. This change principle affirms Toi Tū te Ora.

Our wayfinding compass

Our compass provides us with key elemental and environmental reference points to guide our direction towards Toi Ora.

These reference points are derived from the five interconnected strategic elements of our Toi Ora framework, our five cornerstones of He Pou Oranga and eight strategic currents - our Toi Au Rangi.

Te Waka o Toi is the needle at the centre of our wayfinding compass. It affirms the self-determining notion that we are able to travel 360 degrees in any direction. Toi Ora is both our vision and our horizon. It is a place that we are wayfinding right now.

Toi Ora wayfinding compass