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Funding procurement

Information and advice for the provider funding process, terms/conditions for purchasing, and invoicing information.

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Purchase orders

Note for suppliers: we require approved purchase orders.

As a supplier, you should not be receiving orders by letter, fax or verbally unless accompanied an approved purchase order.

In the rare event of an urgent order, our staff are required to follow up with a confirmation purchase order.

Free in-store

We require a purchase order number to be quoted on all delivery documents and invoices.

One of our Standard Terms and Conditions is that all prices quoted are for goods to be supplied "free-in-store", i.e. with freight costs included in the price.

We have noticed a trend for some suppliers to quote a price and then claim that freight is extra.

Please be reminded that orders are issued on the basis of a "free-in-store" price.

We will not pay for freight unless this is explicitly agreed in writing as a separate line on the purchase order.

Invoicing details

All invoices should be addressed as follows:

Accounts Payable
Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand Hauora a Toi Bay of Plenty
Private Bag 12024

We have noted that some suppliers still are sending invoices in the names of Eastern Bay Health Limited, Western Bay Health limited, Pacific Health Limited, or Pacific Health.  These entities no longer exist and your records should be updated.

Please email if you need any help.

Procurement policies

All purchase orders state that our Standard Terms and Conditions of purchase apply.

Our terms of trade:

Terms of Trade - Purchase of Services [PDF, 74KB]
Terms of Trade - Purchase of Product (Goods) [PDF, 84KB]
Terms of Trade - Purchase of Product (Goods) - Capital Items [PDF, 94KB]

Unless we have explicitly agreed otherwise in writing, these Standard Terms and Conditions apply in every case.